Your Brain Is

Command Central

For Your Results.


Like Them Or Not.


Now You Can Rewire It To

Transform Those Results.

On Autopilot. 


Here's How.


I'm Ready!

Your Brain

Is A





Not getting the results you want?


It's because your subconscious

is stuck on an old track.


Installed by someone else.


Heal that, and everything changes.


Here's How...


How Your Brain Produces Results

Your 'survival' brain- part of the subconscious- is constantly scanning the horizon for danger. It's only real job is to keep you safe. So it constantly sifts and sorts for the known versus the unknown. And the known- for better or worse- is what you've already experienced. How do you convince your brain that something unknown is safe? Use the conscious mind to design new, desirable  outcomes. This practice 'rewrites the code' and creates safety for your brain to move towards new outcomes.


The 67 Day Secret


There's a common theory that says it takes 21 days to create a habit. Kinda true. But there's a wrinkle. An old habit- whether physical, emotional, or psychological- will override a new habit until the new habit has created a more powerful 'track'- a neural network that represents the new habit- in the brain, so that the brain believes this 'new reality'. When you know how, you can short-circuit the old habit and 'wire in' the new one in- yep- 67 days. 



Align the Heart & Mind


They're distinct, but intricately symbiotic; two poles of a magnet: the Processor and the Amplifier. These two are in constant communication by means of 40,000 neurons in the heart signaling the 100 billion neurons in the brain...with the emotional variability of the heart either facilitating or inhibiting the brain's activity. So, aligning our heart and mind is what assures our ability to create the results you want.



We each have a Success 'Type'.

What Is Yours? Take 2 minutes to find out...

Until you identify it, and learn to work with it, this 'energetic blueprint' will determine just how successful you can be before you hit your invisible ceiling & get stuck  where you are. Awareness is the first key to raising your invisible ceiling! I've created this simple assessment to find out what makes up your blueprint, and how to work wtih it.


I'm Tripp Hanson


I'm here to guide you to align your mind- to upgrade your brain to produce your deepest desires. It's entirely possible for you to do- thank you, neuroscience!

Until we learn how to transform this fundamental human operating system between our ears- which runs our old familiar patterns on autopilot- we can only create the results that reflect the early emotional and  psychological programming that our very young selves learned- old beliefs and feelings that will only continue to lead us to the same results we're already getting instead of the results we want.

That's why I created the Mind Mastery Institute- to guide my clients on an inner journey to uncover- and then transform- unconscious patterns, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs, repetitive emotional patterns. They create new outcomes, using  a step-by-step evidence-based system to help them get clear about what they want, and then proven practices to create new results that are aligned with that vision by helping them to rewire their brain so that it's aligned with their desired results, on purpose.

Sound like magical thinking? It's not. It's the neuroscience of mastering change.

Want to know more? I’d love to speak to you. Click on the button below to schedule a free deep dive chat on my calendar. I'd love that!


"...Tripp's ability to be flexible and discern the best possible option in any given situation simply place him in the upper echelon of any service provider and...well...human being.”


~ Charles West, Divine Spark Coaching

"Tripp’s intuition and ability to support me to elicit my own wisdom created “aha” moments for me that made a profound impact on my personal and professional life."


~ Abbie Cooper, Actress/Dancer

"Working with Tripp was a deep dive into both the WHAT and HOW. The process was exhilarating, revealing, and challenging. But so rewarding!"


~ Karen Engelmann,
author of 'The Stockholm Octavo'

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