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When Your Archetype Doesn't Quite Fit...

Apr 11, 2023

What to do when you've watched the've read your free report...

And now you're feeling something like, "Yeah...I do act like that sometimes...but it's not really ME. That's not 100% who I am..."

But your archetypal's imprinted...before you begin to learn who you are, and how you're expected to behave, to perform. 

Here's what I've learned from working with hundreds of clients over the years: who we act like, and what we do, and how we often something we've learned from others around us. 

When we're very young (especially from the time we're born until 6 or 7) we're taking everything in...through our senses. Obviously we don't have access to language for a year or 2. And even then, we mimic what we hear...without necessarily comprehending its meaning. It's merely imitation. 

Over time, however, that imitation becomes our familiar mode of expression, and becomes part of our automatic, subconscious behavior. We don't really get to sift and sort and choose the values, the behaviors, the ideology...all of the choices that make our family- that original tribe we were born into- the way they are. And the way we become.

It takes years- even decades- before we begin to sift and sort through some of these fundamental qualities and decide if they're a good fit for us, am I right? We go through school, we get the feedback from our classmates and our teachers for 12-16 (or more) years. We have our social circles. We have the activities and organizations we join.

Some because we're drawn to them. Some because we're told we should.

And it's this SHOULD that brings me to the point of this article. When we're inhabited certain roles in our lives because we're SUPPOSED to. Because THEY told us that it would be good for us, or that they think that's who we are.

"Why don't you do that, I think you'd like it!" "Oh, I'm so disappointed that you aren't going to do that..." "You're just like your grandfather, and he loved doing that..."

And maybe they're right. And maybe they're not. 

It's YOUR opinion...your connection to whatever you're being urged towards...that matters.

We've all heard or read the stories of athletes who performed brilliantly- to please their father or their brother...

When I was in the midst of my Broadway career, a woman who had been hired to replace the female lead of the musical I was doing decided that she didn't want to perform any more, because through her own personal growth journey, she'd realized that she was doing it for her mother's pleasure and approval...and she made the courageous choice to walk away from the show. 

So how about you? How about that archetype that might not feel quite right?

Here's what I suggest:

Go listen to the other archetype videos: 

VW: The Visionary-Wood Type

SF: The Star-Fire Type

PE: The Peacemaker-Earth Type

AM: The Alchemist-Metal Type

PW: The Philosopher-Water Type

Download the reports that go with them. See if one of the others resonates more fully for you. And might be a combination. We humans don't tend to be pure archetypes. But we do have a home base. See if one these other archetypes feels like a better fit!

And as always, if you'd like to dive a little deeper, I keep a few hours a week open on my calendar for a chance to have a conversation to see if I can help you clarify and step into your full, authentic power and flow!

Click on the link to set up a time:

Meanwhile, keep following your own path. It's the only journey worth taking!

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