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The Simplest Way to Get Better Results- EVER! (Changes Your Brain!)

best subconscious programming retraining your subconscious rewire your brain Apr 04, 2023

Your attention. Where do you spend it?

Your brain will deliver more of that.

Want more fabulous-ness in your life? Find it. Within you and all around you.

Choose the best possible outcomes (instead of AWFUL-izing...CATASTROPH-izing...WORST-CASE-SCENARIO-ing) you can imagine. And when your attention wanders back to THOSE ...?

Bring it back, even if you have to drag it kicking and screaming- to your vision. To your dream. To your desired outcomes. Breathe into them. Bring those imaginings to life in your mind. Really. Live inside of them. Imagine life with them already there...

This does 2 things: 

  1. Strengthens your ability to turn your historical, habitual responses off, so that you free up mental and emotional energy to create the results you want.
  2. Build new neural networks- which determine what your brain prioritizes and memorizes...and ultimately puts into your AUTOPILOT behavior pile.

Ready to change what's showing up in your world? Do this.

You can thank me later...

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