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Feeling Small? Less than Who You’re Meant To Be?


Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, stuff just doesn't seem to work out for you. You're not alone.

That's because we actually operate based on our subconscious patterns, not our conscious ideas...and wishes and hopes. 

'LIMITLESS!' is a masterclass in learning how to enter into the 'operating system' of your subconscious, and rewrite the story. When you do that, and train your nervous system to integrate the new one (not as woo as it's based on science!), suddenly you find your groove...and you're free to create the results that you want to!

It's just 15 days (one day longer than the statistic for quitting new habits!) you'll learn how to identify where the most common limiting beliefs are stopping you, and clear them out- for good!

Because your dreams are worth it!

It’s Time To FREE  Your Mind! 

15 Days to clear and transform your 'unconscious' thinking. Insights and processes- backed by neuroscience- to 'reset' your mind, and get back in the driver's seat of your life!  





You've been 'hypnotized' to buy into certain your family, your friends, your culture. Totally normal.

Old ideas that were  repeated often enough that you've accepted them as the 'capital T- truth'. These ideas don't even  feel like who you are today! But once you see them, you can change them- clear them intentionally, so they don't continue to limit your life, and the results you achieve.

So, LIMITLESS! will teach you how to:

  • Identify where these 'truths' are operating in the background of your thinking...invisibly and unconsciously...
  • Connect the dots with those areas of your life where you feel stuck...
  • Align a NEW, empowering narrative with the results you want to create!

It’s time to heal your thinking from the old, autopilot ways you didn't realize were holding you back. 

A life that you CREATE by design...

with results you LOVE...

is waiting.


Delivered to your inbox each day- nothing to keep up with or another 'have-to-remember-to-do'...I'll show up daily in your inbox with a single topic for the day.


Simple shifts in the way we interpret incoming 'data' make all the difference in the way that the information affects us. These 2 weeks will teach you how to clarify and distinguish the practice of choosing.


What they are- beyond the memes- and how to use them correctly, so that you get the full, proven benefit of training your mind to produce the results you desire.


With each lesson, you have the option(s) of the text transcript, the audio transcript, as well as the webpage with all included. Custom-tailor the learning to your strengths and preferences!


Simple recaps at the end of each day helps you reflect and review just how the day's learning might have shown up for you. By spending a few minutes reviewing, you have the chance to catch subtleties you might otherwise miss! 


Each day's work includes writing prompts- downloadable- or for your own journal if you prefer. One more way to integrate the learning, and to deepen your experience of blowing the lid off your limiting beliefs!

PLUS: The Power of Community


Have you heard the phrase 'a rising tide lifts all ships'? That's what joining our community is all about!

Get the feedback you need, share the insights and breakthroughs you're having. It's a safe place where everyone is working on their own inquiry into breaking out of their learned limitations, and we gather for comfort, for solidarity, for support!

I'm in the community every day during the week, answering questions, providing feedback...making sure that you're implementing your new strategies in the most effective ways possible. 

Most students find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are showing up for themselves while they're still installing new, powerful beliefs.

Let's connect and grow together!


I'm a coach, a teacher, an artist, a healer. And a singer and a tap dancer too! Wherever I've gotten...whatever I've's been by finding my way to grow PAST the limitations my mind was fighting to keep...old ways of thinking that didn't help me.

Our habitual thinking boxes us in, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living as we intend.

Come join me in this self-paced masterclass, for a 14 day practice of shifting your stories...from what you can't, to what you will. It's a few weeks of inquiry, of self-discovery, and learning how we can apply a conscious choice to LIMIT-LESS.

“I cannot say enough about the abilities of Tripp Hanson as coach and guide. Tripp’s intuition and ability to support me to elicit my own wisdom created “aha” moments for me that made a profound impact on my personal and professional life. Nearly 10 years later, those epiphanies continue to guide me. I’m forever grateful!”

Abbie Cooper, Actress/Dancer

“Tripp asked compelling questions that really helped me think about the choices I was making- not telling me what to do or how to do, but helping me to find the answers within and make my own choices. He is trustworthy, discreet, positive, and kind. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences of working with Tripp.”

Georga Osborne, Actress/Singer



Have you ever felt like something is 'in the way'? Like no matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you think you should be?

Us too.

If you know that you're ready to:

  • EXPERIENCE a more powerful version of your life
  • CLEAR OUT the root cause of the limitations you feel
  • CREATE even more extraordinary results, on purpose
  • TRAIN your brain to align with your vision- on autopilot...

Then 'LIMITLESS!' is definitely for you.

GET READY to manifest the next level of your Life!

I'll help you break down the complicated reasons you've been feeling stuck, and edit the old internal narratives keeping you that way!

Step by step. 


For less than Dinner Out. WITHOUT cocktails, even!



  • One new Belief Buster Upgrade every day for 14 days
  • Daily journal prompts, End of Day Reflection prompts, and Mind-Priming Screensaver images and affirmations 
  • Audio and Text Transcripts of each lesson
  • Access to the online community

7 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Join me for 7 days, and do the work...and if you find that LIMITLESS! isn't for you, let me know for a full, no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to love it and get real value out of it. If not, no hard feelings! Just your money back.