$500.00 USD

1:1 Coaching with Tripp (4 Sessions)

This package is for 4 hours of one-to-one coaching, supporting you to get better results in your life!

What you'll get:

  • how to implement strategies that will cause your brain to seek the results you want
  • Simple processes and practices to sync the subconscious brain to produce those results automatically
  • Heart-centered guidance to encourage you to dream boldly and the support you need to take inspired actions towards those dreams!

As we work together, I'll be guiding you to uncover the unconscious patterns, indoctrination and limiting beliefs that are actually the ROOT CAUSES of the results you're getting now. And I'll help you design and 'install' new, empowering beliefs by design that will reorient your brain- and the rest of your nervous system- to produce the results you want to create.

What People Are Saying:

When Tripp came into my life I was unable to keep my equilibrium. I needed to establish some new patterns, let go of some big fears and change my view of me. Tripp helped me find my moorings and gain confidence. During my time working with Tripp I had some devastating personal experiences and I can truly say that without him I would have buckled under the weight. His compassion, wisdom and true care for me helped me walk a difficult path and not just survive it but grow and learn from it. He has brought health and positive change to my life with his gentle strength and I'll always be grateful for our work together."

Ashley P. Gonzalez, GideonsFeet.org