Want My 3-STEP TOTAL Reinvention Framework That Will Allow You To Break ANY Limiting Beliefs or Self-Sabotage Patterns In Under 15 Minutes A Day?

**(WARNING: This Will Unlock an Abundant Income and Work You Truly Love - In Just 67 Days (or Less!)**
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Even if you've been begging the business gods for MORE...struggling to find the "secret code" to success...but nothing's changing.

You're tired of all the shiny things... numb from all of the "guaranteed strategies"... sick and tired of throwing money at your business with nothing to show for your investment...



The truth is…

  • Most creative, holistic, ambitious entrepreneurs know that they want an amazing life, abundant income, deeply gratifying work, but it's just not happening...they end up feeling like they're just 'unlucky' or they just haven't 'done enough'...
  • Something is wrong. They know their efforts aren't paying off, but they can't figure out what's missing...

It's a scary way to live. But it’s not your fault...I know you've tried.

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Future?


The reality is without understanding this "weird secret" of internal programming that will produce amazing results in your life- the one you dream of...with an abundant income, and deeply gratifying work- you’ll continue to struggle, and it's not because of a lack of effort on your part…

  • You've tried the marketing strategy workshops, the social media challenges, the habit trackers...any missing ingredient to get you 'in the game'...
  • You've tried everything...meditating ("am I'm doing it right...?"), affirmations ("nothing changes..."), maybe even starting therapy (because something must be wrong with you)...hiring a business coach (maybe they know what you can do to move the needle...) and now you're writing blog posts, redesigning your website...
  • You're shrinking your ambitions, lowering the bar on your dreams, in order to fit what's seems like might be possible, because holding onto the vision that you desire- and you see others achieving- is just too painful.

And worst of all?? 


Trying to fix things by changing that external 'stuff' is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


The problem isn't 'out there'.



And if you don’t fix what's keeping you from the breakthrough you need now — you'll just end up burned out, with a broken heart and an empty bank account…



  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Work that lights you up and connects to your purpose
  • Abundant work and generous income
  • Healthy and strong bodies

You Really Can (And Deserve) To Have It All!

The Difference Comes From Unlocking That Buried Side Of Yourself!

My 3-part Reinvention Framework Will Allow You To Break Through Any Limiting Beliefs Or Self-sabotage Patterns That Are Still Keeping You Plateaued...

Within Arm's Reach Of Your Goals

but never quite reaching them...

And you can get in for an easier to access price than ever before! 



SuperCharged! Tapping Into the Power of Aligned Heart and Mind for Your Greatest Results EVER


You wake up feeling plugged into your own superpowers
You generate new, elevated, creative ideas...coming to you regularly- almost 'out of the blue'.
You find yourself 'bumping into that perfect person' you were just thinking about...as if by magic.
And before you know it, you find yourself watching your dream life manifest before your very eyes, while you're in the flow, working easier, stressing less, and sleeping like a baby- and LOVING YOUR LIFE.



• Tap into the actual source of creative manifestation, and have the power to design amazing outcomes in your business (and ANY area of your life where you want to manifest new breakthroughs)!

• Know exactly how to activate the power of the two most powerful energy sources in the human body- the brain and the heart- and turn on your invisible 'success switch', & achieve an amazing business- abundant income, deeply gratifying work, an abundant income- while still enjoying time with family and a healthy, loving community.

• Break out of old patterns  struggle, doubt, fear and anxiety...and experience more JOY!

• ELIMINATE that feeling that you're 'behind', watching others succeed doing the same things YOU are, but getting better results...

• Stop having to ask, 'Why don't things work out for me?'

• Go from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed...lost- like your life isn't working out ...

And FINALLY shift into a State of Ease & Flow!

...with a strategy for tapping into the same universal power that holds the planets in their orbit- & know how to put that power to work in your own life in just 67 days


You tried any and every missing ingredient to get you 'in the game'...

You hired that expensive copywriter...took one more online course that GUARANTEED you'd finally have a success strategy that worked...more and more investment, but nothing to show for it.

And that stack of personal power books on your night stand, all of the business podcasts on your playlist, all that stuff ain't moving the needle!

You decided to try and find a way to 'be happy with the way things are' rather than continuing to feel the disappointment and- let's face it, the FRUSTRATION- of living with a vision that you really want, but somehow just doesn't happen for you.

It seems like Life just isn't working out the way you hoped. You even find yourself saying, 'It must be me...I'm just not meant to be successful...'

But something deep inside you KNOWS that this isn't the truth- so WHAT IS??? 

I'll tell you...


I struggled a lot along the way...up and down...I had success in my life, but wasn't able to sustain it...I knew that there was abundance out there, but it sure wasn't coming to me! 

The success that I did have came at a cost...and I wanted to have it this time  without sacrificing my peace of mind, my personal integrity, and my important relationships. 

I'd get close. I thought I knew how to create success, without selling my soul for it...but somehow, I just kept ending up back at square one...

But I kept going- trying every new tactic, 'proven' strategy...but none of that moved the needle for me. 

Workshops, challenges, habit trackers...would I EVER have the life that I dreamed about?

I wasn't sure...it seemed like maybe my stars were misaligned...until I discovered the process that finally gave me access to the inner game of designing an amazing life- from the inside out- with abundant income, deeply gratifying work, a healthy, loving family...

The problem is: most of weren't 'trained' to thrive. We weren't taught how to tune into the powerful signals that our body is constantly sending our way...by way of our senses, by way of our emotions...of our intuition...

And because we didn't learn these skills, we look at our environment- comparing ourselves to others in order to see how we're doing; seeking validation from others. And when we live this way, we surrender to a self-image that's defined by our families, by our educational  system, by the community of peers we grew up in...

When I finally began to listen deeply to these subtle signals...and learned to trust my own inner guidance...to perceive that I was actually the 'root cause' of my own suffering because of the beliefs I had accepted as 'truth', because of the power that I gave the 'stories' about 'the way my life is'...and accepted the responsibility to begin creating a new story, choosing to accept that I have the ability to DESIGN my own reality...the income, the right livelihood, amazing relationships- all began to transform...

We each have the ability to create the results we most desire. It happens when we accept that we are in the driver's seat of our experience...and if we will align these powerful energy centers that our nervous system uses to communicate with us, we align our mental-emotional state to begin to manifest more easily, more gracefully... and our lives are changed forever.

And thanks to the advances in brain science, in neurobiology, and bioenergetics...the 'how-to' is available to anyone who's ready to do the work! And 'SuperCharged!' is the handbook.

I want this same experience for you...

"SuperCharged! Tapping Into the Power of Aligned Heart and Mind for Your Greatest Results EVER" helps you achieve an amazing life by creating an energetic blueprint of your desired results...guiding you step by step to develop a potent  relationship with your exquisite nervous system to integrate the power of the heart and the brain, so that they manifest exactly what you want. It’s unlike any other method because it's creating a path of inside-out transformation to achieve extraordinary results. It's the combination of ancient eastern philosophy with the latest insights in neuroscience to activate the heart center to amplify the vision that's held in your mind's eye- creating a magical shift of magnificent proportion towards your new reality.

What's Included...

A 5-Step Process to guide to consciously create a blueprint for your heart and mind to join forces to manifest your ideal future, effortlessly. Even magically.

It was created specifically for creative, holistic, ambitious entrepreneurs who want to see that 6-figure income that reflects their effort, expertise, and experience, while providing a sense of powerful contribution to deeply impact others.

This is meant for you if you desire success without losing yourself and your important relationships in the process!

Create the success you want without hustle & struggle, without pushing harder, extending yourself further, and sacrificing the good that you already have!

No more 'falling behind', watching others succeed doing the same things you are but getting better results!

No more having to ask, 'Why doesn't it work for me?', or buying the next shiny object ONE MORE TIME...with the marketing  workshops, the mediation  challenges...

Instead, SuperCharged! is a straight-forward system to help you rewrite the 'rule book' that your brain is following to produce the results that match 'who you are'...

Time to get your brain to engage with your heart...and create the life that you'd love!



You’ll learn how to uncover the roots of your personal narrative that's STOPPING you from moving forward, no matter WHAT action you take, no matter what strategy you implement , so you can find out what you want 'recode' and 'rewrite'- in order show your mind the exact target you intend to hit.

We’ll dive into:

✓ How to identify the patterns and themes of the story that you 'inherited' from others so you can write the new version, in order to design the outcomes that you want to see

✓ How to recognize the seductive self-talk that's sabotaging your progress and keeping you from achieving the progress that you know you're capable of so you can create a new, powerful, heartpath that moves elegantly and efficiently towards the vision you've created

✓ How to know how to INTERRUPT the self-defeating actions and habits (the ones that THINK they're protecting you) so you can create an unstoppable process of forward momentum that leads you directly to your goals, on autopilot!



You’ll learn how to clarify- and test- your vision, define your 'wins' and activate a straight-forward 'non-strategy' that will get you to your goal with ease, so you can finally make the progress you want- without the struggle and the hustle- towards exactly what you desire.

✓ How to apply the 5-point test to your vision so that you know without a doubt that it inspires you so you can so that you can be sure that you're not settling, downgrading or compromising your dream.

✓ How to create a clear and compelling case in defense of your dream (and why you MUST!) that speaks to your logical, problem-solving CEO function of your brain so you can guarantee an uninterrupted flow of energy, insight and creative solutions to move you quickly towards your vision.

✓ How to apply the ancient eastern energetic practices to quickly align your mind and your heart- the 2 vital intelligence centers that need to be 'onboard' with your plans so you can magnetically attract and engage the principles of creation to support your manifestation.



You’ll learn how to apply the rebalancing processes that will once-and-for-all HALT the inner conflict that's keeping you stuck, and redirect the energy that was wasted on struggle, so you can use that same energy for the creative realization of your vision. We’ll dive into:

✓ How to integrate your three- count 'em, 3!- brains so you can access the combined power of heart and mind for the greatest forward momentum

✓ How to align the profound power of the heart- 60 times more than the brain- to maximize your reach so you can automatically attract the situations, people, circumstances that will move you forward

✓ How to silence that inner critic so you can attune yourself to your own inner guidance and trust that you will reach your goals, without a single doubt



>> I empower my clients to manifest their best results through inner alignment of the nervous system, by getting the brain onboard with their grandest visions. AND...I use this EXACT method myself...combining the processing power of the amazing, super-processor human brain to align with the amplifier of my heart's desires to work FOR me, so that new results happen automatically.

I use this system with my private clients, to help them achieve an amazing life- abundant income, deeply gratifying work, a healthy, loving family, and a community of loving and supportive peers. I am NOT just repeating the same stuff as all the other coaches who talk about  'the inner game'.

>> PLUS, I've been working in what I call 'The Neuroscience of Deliberate Creation' for 35 years.

I've been coaching elite performers & artists, and holistic practitioners for the last 14 years.

I spent 25 years as an elite performer myself- 5 Broadway shows, concerts all over the planet. Then I transitioned in my mid-forties to alternative medicine and ran a very successful acupuncture office in NYC.

Now I'm devoted to teaching other ambitious/heart-centered artists, entrepreneurs and practitioners the art and the science of creating the change they want in their businesses- and their lives- by doing the internal work that makes EVERYTHING better...by rewiring their brain, and aligning their heart- it's like plugging in the EASY button! 


>> I've also helped my clients achieve that 6-figure income. Money isn't the only point. Money is terrific, and we live in a world where money is necessary! So let's say-  it's not just about the money. It's about our value...and contribution, and the experience we bring to bear, and thus the impact we can have on others to make a difference in their lives. The money comes as a reflection of that.

>> I’ve helped other clients eliminate that feeling that they've 'fallen behind'...helping them find a way beyond their old story that used to run on a loop: 'Why don't things work out for me?'  That question is a comparison-based question, and just leaves  them fuzzy about how to prioritize- what actions to take first. Instead they construct a new 'timeline' that includes their present experience, with a clear path to what's next...

Once they understand what actually works to create the success they want without hustle & struggle, without pushing harder, extending themselves further and sacrificing they the good that they already have...everything changes! They used to think they were 'unlucky' or they hadn't 'done things right' or 'done it enough'...feeling lost and alone...

And 're-writing' the code allows them to move beyond that old story!

Witnessing the transformations is my greatest joy- and my honor.

And I'd love to support yours, too!

This Is For You If You're...

  • Ready to to finally get to see that 6-figure income that reflects your effort,  experience, and impact
  • Willing to OWN your ability to be a powerful contribution, deeply impacting others
  • Ready to STOP doing the marketing strategy workshops, the social media challenges, the habit trackers...(until you've aligned that inner game!) any and every shiny object that promises you those 'guaranteed results' and start creating a life- and business- you're in LOVE with
  • Willing to be the person who also has meaningful, loving relationships in addition to that amazing business
  • Nothing's changing. You're tired of all the shiny things...numb from all of the guaranteed strategies...sick and tired of throwing money at it with NADA to show for your investment...

This Is NOT For You If...

  • You're not prepared to slow down long enough to do the groundwork for finally getting to that 6-figure income that reflects your effort, value and experience
  • You're tied to the idea that the answer is 'out there' somewhere...and you continue to chasing shiny object after fancy strategy...which just amounts to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!
  • You're unwilling to try do the deep inner work, and create a new approach because you prefer to stick to what you already know
  • You're dead-set on giving up & accepting the idea that you should just shrink your ambitions, lower the bar on your dreams, in order to fit into the box of what you've come to believe is all you can hope for 

I'm Tripp Hanson

I’m a coach & teacher who helps creative, holistic- ambitious!- entrepreneurs design an amazing life- with abundant income, deeply gratifying work & healthy, loving relationships.

After 35 years as an elite performer myself, I now  guide high-performing creatives, entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners to rewrite their life code- creating new results, on purpose and by design.

I spent 25 years performing, 5 Broadway shows, as well as concerts all over the planet. Then I transitioned in my mid-forties to alternative medicine and ran a very successful acupuncture clinic in NYC; and now I'm devoted to supporting other ambitious/heart-centered artists, entrepreneurs and practitioners to create the internal changes which will generate the external results that they want in their businesses- & their lives- by doing the inner work that makes EVERYTHING better: rewiring their brains & aligning their hearts and minds- it's the EASY button for transformed outcomes! I’ve know exactly how frustrating it can be to struggle with feeling 'behind', watching others succeed doing the same things you're doing- but not getting the results! It's so tempting to fall into the trap of thinking we're just 'unlucky', or 'haven't done it right' or 'done enough'...as if something's wrong with us. It's a terrible feeling, and I support my clients to remember their inherent ability to create life intentionally.

Over time, I’ve learned how to achieve an amazing life- abundant income, deeply gratifying work, a healthy, loving family, and a meaningful community. No more shrinking my vision for my life...lowering the bar on my dreams to fit what might be possible.

And I share the strategies to help anyone who's ready to step into their full creative power, passionately. We EACH have the ability to create a life- and a business, and a world- that matches whatever we're willing to allow. Please join me!


“I can not say enough about the abilities of Tripp Hanson as coach and guide. Nearly 10 years later, those epiphanies continue to guide me. I’m forever grateful!”

- Abbie C., Actress/Dancer

 "I always knew that I am more on a deeper level, and with Tripp's guidance I felt safe to explore that. If I Could Recommend Tripp to MILLIONS, I would!"

- Erika N., Parenting Coach

“Tripp asked compelling questions that really helped me think about the choices I was making- helping me to find the answers within and make my own choices. I can't say enough good things..."

- Georga O., Actress/Singer



You're artistic, expressive, and ambitious, and love what you do; and I know you really want to make a difference in the world, while living a happy, healthy fulfilling life.

I also understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 30 days-day money-back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that 'SuperCharged!' will create change in your life with no effort on your part, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the product.

Of course, if you’re not happy with 'SuperCharged!', I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.